DIY Natural Wooden Dollhouse Kit #3




Have your child experience unlimited possibilities in design and building with Playhouse Panels. First, have your child design a dollhouse -How many rooms will the house have? Will it have a garage, a play room, or a library-It is up to your child’s imagination! Then, have your child build the dollhouse and engage in hours of creative and imaginative play! Simply disconnect the panels at the end of play for easy storage.

Playhouse panels come in different designs and sizes and allow to build unlimited floor plan configurations. Or, your child can build separate houses and create an entire village or town!Small Starter Kit #3 allows your child to build house with one large room. Additional Playhouse panels can be purchased separately to expand your child’s build and play ideas.

Playhouse Panels Starter Kit #3 comes with:

2 gable panels 10”x 12-1/4” each
2 long wall panels 7-1/2”x 13-1/4”each

Modern, clean design- Made from natural birch plywood/eco-friendly—Great for small spaces and traveling

Item details



Wood, Birch Plywood


Depth: 3/8 Inches